Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm doing a MAJOR Happy Dance!!

OMG, I am so excited because today the marvelous Michelle & Alison of A Million Memories announced their new Design Team AND..... I have a position on it! I am going to be their Design Team Event Director and not only get to design with their amazing kits BUT be the moderator for their Online Chats and many more things that are in the works! This is going to be such an incredibly fun & exciting year!

I really want to thank thank thank Alison & Michelle ... you ladies ROCK so hard and I'm so grateful for this awesome opportunity. Check out the links to AMM here on my blog ----------------->

Make sure to check out AMM !! The kits are beautiful... There are a ton of amazng artists... And the gallery is a hoppin'. I bet you'll definately want to stick around once you visit!

Congratulations to all of the other chickadee's who made this year's DT for AMM:

Katie Watson
Suzanne Brooksbank
Collette Osuna
Christine Penaflor
Patti Hutchinson
Melissa Smith
Emily Jones

I will be posting their Blog and Resume links on here as soon as I get them all too!



Lisa said...

Congratulations Meredith! Looks like a cool site. I'll have to check it out more later.

Angelbev said...

Congratualtions!! I have looked around that site before even though I haven't really posted there. I may do a bit now! What a great job for you. You will have so much fun!