Friday, December 7, 2007

{random} Friday.

Happy Friday!

Not too much has been happening this week which is why I've been a little light on the blogging. I've been doing my best to just get stuff done so that next week I can share a bunch of projects that I'm working on.

That said....

I'm freaking out about how gorgeous my little Roxy is becoming AND how BIG!

Remember when she was just little fuzz ball?

Well... this is the monster now....

She's almost 35lbs. and is finally acting like a real dog! We got her way too early so to watch her personality develop and see the stages that a pup goes through first hand (while learning along the way) has been amazing. She's finlly recognizing us as something other than food givers and is so much better about nipping. All the time I'll catch her just looking up at me staring at my face and looking into my eyes - which the Russian Monks say is a good thing! Apparenty that means she's learning to recognize our face and the eye contact is very important in the master/dog bond.

Here's a pic of her and Crystal to show how big she's getting. Crystal is still the boss but Roxy totally gives her a run for her money!

Do you love their new collars? Roxy like to pull on Crystals and we know Roxy will be growing out of her collars for the next few months so these cute little rhinestone beauties from Target for $2.50 each were perfect!

Some more {random} Friday fun...

I found this while cleaning yesterday. This is the best trophy I've ever seen...

The trophy is from Gasperilla a long long time ago which Joe's dad won for a Tug-Of-War competition.

Joey got these 3 little sailors in Hawaii...

This weekend will be super busy but I can't wait for it to start! Tonight we are going to our friend John's house for his birthday party/poker game. I'm hoping they'll ignore me and et me take some pictures - these are a group of friends that DO NOT like me hanging out with a camera but we are moving soon and if they want into my scrapbook they are going to have to deal with it! lol.

Some things to look forward to this weekend....

Flea Market (yay!)
A Handmade Christmas
Finishing up my Cards.... (maybe!)
MAMBI spotlight
a *new* C&T Publishing Release to play with
a Taylor Christmas Portrait (if the dogs will be good for me!)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! What are your plans?


Ooo... I almost forgot! I got our tickets to fly home for the holidays! We will be back in NW Indiana on the 18th and will be home until I think the 5th of January. If you want to do something call me! I'm so ready to see my friends and family it's been way too long! I will actually get to meet my new baby cousin too!


melisser said...

how cute is your dog!!! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate for this weekend! Hope you get it all done and then some!!


kimmithylaine said...

Roxy sure is getting BIG! Hope you have a good fun filled weekend!

Karalyn said...

Can't believe you're from NW Indiana...I am too (well not orignially), but I will be in ND while you are here! I get to go home for Christmas too! Can't wait!

jadadog said...

The puppies are so cute!!!! Your work is so inspiriring! I added you to my faves!