Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it's time...

to finally update my blog, and my life.

I've been avoiding blogging for awhile because I really want to figure out how to re-vamp my blog a bit. I'm not really sure what I want to change yet. Maybe just changing up the look a bit will help, but we'll see what I come up with today. Maybe if I've changed my blog will just follow suit?

Let's keep the crazy "get up to speed" pretty concise:

*moved to Jersey City, love it - love being close to NYC even more
*heat wave - cool off - gorgeous
*got a job, work at Anthropologie SOHO - totally love it, but ready to go full time
*fell into a second job (more following)
*Roxy started her first heat (yuck)
*finally have space in my studio

So I basically took this move to "check-out" for awhile. I think I was burned out on the scrapping thing. I think I was burned out in general - stressing the move, stressing life. I'm not going to jinx myself by saying that all is now peachy keen jelly bean... but at least I had an explosion of efficiency this weekend and pulled together my studio. So I now have surfaces to work on, a real desk set up, and all of my "stuff" unpacked. Well not ALL of it - one corner stays in boxes for the ease of painting this weekend.


decided on colors too...

So there are no more excuses on my days off. Time to put some of those ideas to work.

The "second" job is an awesome opportunity and I have to say it was all about surfing the right place at the right time! I was a little bummed out about my lack of hours at Anthro so I headed to craigslist just on the off-chance that something fun might pop out at me. And I found Kim!

Kim is opening the first truly dedicated LSS in all of Manhattan. Yes, there are some awesome stationary stores, and stationary stores with scrapping sections... but scrappers have nothing like a Purl Soho that the fabric lovers have. Well by the end of the summer they will! The Portrait Bug is going to be the first scrap boutique/portrait studio. It's going to be so cool, parties, crops, classes, kids and pet photography and parties.


Kim asked me to be the Design Team lead! I'm really excited. There's so much to be done - Product lists, ordering, CHA, opening events, hiring... and finding the Design Team! There is a ton of more exciting stuff to tell but for now if you are in the NYC area and want to be part of our local Design Team head to The Portrait Bug and look at all the info. The call ends June 30th and you have to be local and willing to meet once a month.

That's about my life right now in a nutshell. There will be more info on the store soon I promise, we can't release a date on the opening or anything until we are sure (construction woes) but it's going to be awesome so sit tight.

So now it's time for me to sit down and scrap. Or Journal. Or make an atc. Or make something.

It's playtime.


Cracker Scraps said...

Mere, your space look awesome and I'm sure that it will inspire you. As for me, I am a little "scraped out" currently but expect to dive back into my own projects in July!

Jen said...

I love the colors you picked out for your scrapspace. It's going to look fab! Congrats on the DT position. Portrait Bug sounds so unique and really cool!

shaina said...

congrats on the amazing opportunity!

Karla Smith said...

Meredith! Your Scrap room looks Great, I love love love the Colors you picked out. Congrats again on you DT position at the LSS.
Sorry Roxy had her first heat, Yuck yuck! My Doxie just finished too. Time to get her fixed I think.

kimmithylaine said...

glad to see you back chicka! Congrats on the DT! So glad you like your job at anthro. SOOO love the color scheme ya got going there! cant wait to see more pics!