Tuesday, June 30, 2009

anthro top 5: july catalog

the new anthro catalog was waiting in my mailbox on saturday and although i'd already snagged one at work there's nothing better than getting YOUR copy!

so here is my top 5 from the july catalog!

i love this whole outfit... blushing ruffle skirt, sketchwork tee, + sweeping sleeve cardi i'm getting into a skirts and tees phase! and i love the asymmetry of the skirt (can't wait to get it in!)

2. brigitta dresser

i want i need.... only $800 bones, no problem, lol!

i wasn't much into booties last fall but this year i am! (especially with all the cute one's my friend katie wears to work...) of these my favorites are the framework booties, ruched booties, gathered booties, and not pictured here are my other faves the frilled heels (i'm not sure i would buy those b/c they aren't totally my style but i love them anyway!)

4. windfall dress

5. and my FAVORITE....
the inverness trench. i saw this first because i flipped thorugh the catalog at work from the back and i totally started gushing over it. it's the cutest trench and i hope it fits me as cute as it fits her!

if you don't get the catalog but want to browse you can here: shop the catalog

anyone have any favorites i missed? the anthro catalogs are always so inspiring!!


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