Thursday, September 2, 2010

glutton for punishment.

today i was supposed to do laundry and start packing for our trip.
instead i spent several hours at anthro soho searching for a dress to wear to abby's baptism.
i found this...

i like it. it's my style. it was on sale. and it fits.
was it fun trying on basically everything in the store and hating how 99.9% of it looked on me?
hell no.

it was however nice to see some ex-co-workers... show off my little beauty.

then abby and i went to the new purl soho location.

i love it. big space with fabric & yarn in the same store. i bought a couple of echino (kokka fabrics) prints one of which i'm making into a nursing cover (yes i am adding ANOTHER project to my plate for tomorrow). the other will probably become a fall jumper for abby.

then i got a little crazy and decided that i would lose all of my extra 30lbs of abby weight in one shot by walking from soho up 5th avenue to 45th to see my joey. it was hot but an otherwise pleasant walk and my little cooing monkey had a great time watching the streets pass by and smiling at strangers.

we finally made it to daddy's and spent his last hour of work hanging out, not making too much noise + then got to walk with him home after quitting time.

a little overtired complaining.
and we are now all thoroughly exhausted + moderately stressed out about getting done tomorrow what we completely blew off today.

tomorrow is "get it done" friday:
drop off the dogs
pick up a letter from st. ann's
make my nursing cover
pack up my craftiness, abby, joe, + myself


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