Tuesday, September 18, 2012

an owl friend. (and crafty catch up!)

things have been pretty unplugged here for the past few weeks but i'll play catch up a little later. first i want to FINALLY introduce the owl friend i've been spending a lot of my amigurumi-time with lately...

i'm calling him ben, well benjamin actually (he's a bit cheeky) but he was actually inspired by PJ the Owl the new mascot for ScrapJammies.com. ScrapJammies is a monthly scrapbooking page kit club that just reopened with new owners and got a brand new look... so to celebrate (and because their little PJ is just SO cute) I thought I'd stitch them up a 3D huggable version ♥

Benjamin is a little over 6" tall with wide floppy wings and is squeezable-y soft. and guess what!?! he's available for order in my da da da da duuuuuh ETSY SHOP!!! yup. i have an ETSY SHOP! right now i only have a few "made to order" listings up but more will be coming soon. i am still available for custom designs and suggestions so if you want something special or have an idea that NEEDS to be an amigurumi please email me!

i have lots of amigurumi on my hook at the moment and some pretty exciting news... i'm working on my first class! i'll share all the details soon but we have an amazing new LYS in Hoboken called Do Ewe Knit? and i've been asked to make some amigurumi window samples for the store AND teach an amigurumi/crochet beginning class starting in october! 

i'm really grateful for this opportunity and i think it's going to be so much fun! we have a serious lack of crocheters/amigurumi makers in my area (at least from what i can tell based on what's presented at our other local yarn stores) so i'm hoping we can build a fun community at this really great new spot. if you are in the area you HAVE to check out the store (155 6th Street in Hoboken) it's such an awesome open space with a classroom and loft dedicated to hanging out and stitching! Karen, the owner, is a lot of fun and so welcoming... and the yarns are great! a nice range of prices, fibers, and brands to choose from!

and finally, check out who's knitting again...

so far so good (i'm actually a bit farther, one more increase to go)... i really like the Malabrigo Rios i'm using. the color is so great (Ravelry Red) and knitting with it is making me want to get the mulled wine candles lit and decorate the house for fall. i might have to make a throw with it after i'm done with the cape for little miss's halloween costume.

this project has totally given me the knitting bug again. i have been so focused on crocheting the past few months that i didn't really realize how beneficial is it to have a couple different crafts going at once. i feel like i've been getting so much more done. i can't really work on amigurumi while little miss is playing because certain parts of a project can require a level of focus that i just can't commit to. when the girl is up she's my #1 priority and i can't be messing with sewing eyeballs on things. but during those times that i get kicked out of her room so she can read or play with her trains i can pick up my needles and put them down again the moment she wants mommy around again. 

it's also nice to have something else to pick up when my hands decide they are done with the g hook for the day ;)

so that's about all crafty-ness that i needed to catch up on today... i don't think i've talked about it much yet on the blog (i haven't talked at all on the blog lately, oops!) but following me on Instagram is really the best way to see what i'm working on as i go. my IG name is the_art_of_everyday or you can do a quick follow right now on  Followgram @the_art_of_everyday. i have a feed on the right if you'd like to visit my instagrams on the web.

i promise promise i'll do a personal catch up soon. little miss has been growing up so fast that i'm not sure where to start on that front but i do want to share what she's been up to... we've had a lot of fun this summer and are looking forward to fall activities, decorating, and the holidays - all just around the corner!



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