Thursday, January 10, 2008

been busy today...

getting my travel plans, hotel, and workshops all planned for CHA in February.  I'm so excited!  It's going to be an awesome show and I'm so excited for the workshops I'm taking this year.  I'm going to be taking a class by Prima called "Exquisite 6x6 Embossed Valentines Album" on Saturday morning and I'm totally stoked that there was still room for me to sign up!  
Speaking of Prima...

Becky Heisler told us over at AMM that Prima had some awesome hybrid news!  I can't wait to see this when it goes up.  I haven't really gotten as into hybrid work as I would like to but I love that Prima is coming out with their own take.  Prima products are so gorgeous and I know I'm going to want to grab up all of these products when they come out!

On a side note... I applied for the Prima DT when I was back home and on their blog yesterday they said they were still choosing their team.  I can't even begin to imagine how many entries they had since their short list is not at 100!  The SHORT list!  WOW!  I still have my fingers crossed.

My other CHA workshop that I've signed up for is on Sunday afternoon and is being taught by Kristina Contes and Nisa Fiin.  I'm really excited to *hopefully* meet them!  Regardless a little birdie told me that they are going to be using some really hot products in this workshop which is based on the Dares book so I'm totally excited!

Like I said today was a pretty busy day.  I've been working with my Autumn Leaves Manufacturer Kit and I hope to have it finished up tomorrow to share.  This is a really different color combo for me so I hope I can do this really cool line justice!

I promised a picture of my Roxy.  I tried to get a few mid-playtime yesterday but it didn't work out too well.  I did manage to grab a little snapshot as she rushed to tackle me...

Joey promised the three of us a trip to the dog park tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have some more to share!  

For now I'm off to bed!



Linda said...

Wow, sounds like you're really busy! That Prima stuff looks way too good.

I'm in your state right now, got to meet JanTGrits from SJ a few days ago. Wish I could meet you & your mom, but with your busy schedule, probably not gonna happen. Specially since I leave on thursday. Oh well, maybe next time.

Amy said...

wow you are super busy! I can't wait to see what you are up to. You are such an amazing artist. I can't believe how big Roxy is getting!