Monday, July 28, 2008

back to us.

successful weekend.

after the whirlwind return home it was nice to just have some time for us to relax and re-connect. joe and i spend all saturday in the city. met up with drew and just walked and shopped.

then we went home and talked and conspired. we are both in a really great place right now creatively and want to start working together to materialize more. we do our best work independently when we work together - contradiction? i think not.

this weekend did exactly what we needed it to. inspire.

went hit up urban outfitters... love these couches and the color of them.

i'm looking for someone who can create that look from the frame of our lay-z-boy. i really love the frame of my couch but just want it to look totally different. maybe it's a diy project i just have to jump into.

on julie's suggestion i got the BIG drawer drawer unit from container store. i can't tell you how much space it's saved me already. life. much easier.

this week i have so much to get done. but i finally have some photos and stuff to scrap and a ton of notes in my book to draw from. plus i'm developing classes.

crunch time.

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