Thursday, July 24, 2008

quick game of tag.

and then i have to get to work cleaning up my studio and my home.

i was tagged by jan!

normally i kinda hate tag games but these questions were pretty easy and interesting - they may make pretty good scrap prompts!

so if i tag you at the end of this you have to keep it going... just answer the questions about yourself and then tag another 5 or 6 people at the end of your post.

so here we go....

what were you doing ten years ago?

well i was 15.
just finished my freshman year of high school.
singing all over the place
(i was sandi in grease in high school that year and then did some community theatre too)
i got my first summer retail job at carson pierre scott in the kids dept.
took summer driving school
probably driving my parents nuts with my first "real" boyfriend

today's "to do" list?

set up design team meeting stuff
scrap scrap scrap scrap
spend some time with my hubby

i'm addicted to:

starbucks hot chocolate (sorry could really use on right now!)
scrapbooking/paper art
my camera
i'm sure there is more...

i would do if i were a millionaire:

take my mom and friends on a big design/art trip to everywhere
take my mom and dad on big trips everywhere and anywhere they wanted to go
get a hot BIG pad somewhere in NYC with tons of room and a limitless design budget
oh i guess i should pay off our bills too huh?

i've lived:

hobart, in
west lafayette, in
orlando, fl
naples, fl
jersey city, nj

i'm tagging:

the WHOLE pb design team...



so have fun!

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Cracker Scraps said...

Well done Mere, can I come along as your second mom when you win the big bucks?