Friday, July 22, 2011

inspired by: the rv life.


it's friday! joey has the whole weekend off and i couldn't be more happy... it's been a very long 14 days with no day off for him. it's so crazy hot outside so i don't think we'll be spending too much of it outside of our little flat but we are planning to hit up the st. ann's fest (our church's big street festival) and maybe try a little park time. regardless of what we do it's going to be heaven having our little family together!

this week i've been obsessed with all things summer vacation. we are gearing up for i guess what would be considered an 'indian summer' vacation in september to california and i seriously can't wait. this trip is going to be the first 'real' vacation for our little family that isn't specifically to see family or celebrate a holiday so it's going to be fun to have just the three of us explore and have fun. getting ready for this trip has made me dream about all of the future summer vacations we'll have and the amazing times we'll share.

my number one dream... RV's.

one day we will have one. it's probably my biggest dream to have a home on wheels that we can take anywhere we want and really explore this country like neither of us have before. i want to take a crazy picking adventure in some of the states we've only breezed through and i want my kids to really experience true Americana before it disappears. check out Sara's amazing family at walk slowly, live wildly . they have done some fantastic rv remodels (they use veggie oil too!) and LIVE on the road. literally. this is their photo stream...

how can you not fall in love with these little slices of heaven?



or how amazing would it be to run a business out of a restored vintage camper...


Linda said...

Hi Meredith, i literally hit the "next blog" button on the top bar of my blog and here i am.
I would love to get one of those RV's and tour your country and a cutesy caravan to tour UK & Europe. Although for the minute i guess we will both have to dream.
Linda in Aus

jamie long said...

They have one of the big silver ones at a local car lot, and I have been begging by husband for it! I want to call it the scrapshack, but he is less than enthusiastic.

Meredith Taylor said...

great idea jamie! it would be awesome to have a mobile cropping rv to hire out!

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