Monday, July 25, 2011

mommy + me style: new feature!

hi friends!
i'm really excited to be starting my new feature 'mommy + me style'! as i shed my cotton tee & yoga pant uniform of the past year i will be sharing some of the fun things little miss and i have in our closets...

*disclaimer: there is absolutely nothing wrong with cotton tees, yoga pants, or any other uniform you adhere to. to be honest my wardrobe is still and forever will be full of my favorite cotton tees from target BUT after leaving my job at anthropologie, a pregnancy, and my first year as a SAHM i have gotten lazy and complacent in the fashion department... this is an opportunity for me to share as i kick myself in the butt and fall back in love with my clothes and my closet.

{mommy's accessories: ag denim jacket/anthropologie, vintage restyle necklace/anthropologie}

sunday morning was again super crazy hot here. looking at me in a jean jacket makes me break a sweat... the idea was that little miss and i would wear our jackets in church but it was so hot inside even that we didn't need them!

i stepped a little out of my norm and opted to let my hair down. i surrendered to my natural wave and used a few pearl pins from anthropologie to twist back the front (still waiting for a good opportunity to get my bangs cut).

{on mommy: top/eloise by anthropologie, skirt/bcbg}

this skirt is several years old and is one of the few things that has survived through many closet purges post florida. it did have a dumb hot chocolate stain on the front that was about 4 years old and so last week it was put into the bag to donate this month. but for some reason i was determined to wear it and keep it yesterday. on a whim i thought i'd try to get the stain out once more so i poured straight bleach onto a paper towel and went to town. lo and behold it came right off! i had washed and taken this thing to the dry cleaners several times but for some reason never tried straight bleach. now i know i guess know!

{on little miss: top/koala kids, bloomers/carters, shoes/faded glory}

abby was not in the mood to stay with me for some photos... she wanted to show off how good she is at standing and stepping. not quite confident enough to walk in her sandals but she does these cute little step outs and then bounces and claps for herself. so cute. she also wanted to get down and crawl to daddy with the camera... not happening on the sidewalk with those chubby bare little knees!

hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool... sunday began our tiny break from the heat wave hitting the east coast. i'll be sharing more a bit later and introducing more new features all week!



Amy Coose said...

Y'all are too cute! I have to say, I will totally be sporting the yoga paint/tshirt look for the rest of this year. After having this baby, I'm thinking I'll need at least a year or so to get into cute mommy mode like you are, so I'll just live vicariously through your adorable wardrobe. :)

Meredith Taylor said...

thanks amy! take your time... it took me close to a year to feel good about opening my closet again! and there were many sad afternoons with a huge pile of clothes on the bed as i tried everything on and hated it all! lol. be easy on yourself, stay comfy, and most of all enjoy your baby!!

Anonymous said...

Her hair is so cute!!! thanks for sharing.

I'm having a giveaway on my blog...

hollysarah said...

lovely! I'm wearing my yoga pants right now... ha! But I had my mat physical this morning, so just having a lazy comfy day. :)

This will be a great feature! Your little one is beautiful!!
xo holly

Denise Hallett said...

You two look so cute and hair is nice down like that :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

what sweet pictures of you and your little one! so cute!