Tuesday, November 8, 2011

halloween 2001: stitching up a home.


just another quick project to share. i'm finally getting some time to catch up on the blog and will hopefully be done and ready to start with the november fun by tomorrow! 

i stitched up this web while my mom was visiting us. it's not perfect, mostly because little miss was VERY interested in my progress and enjoyed grabbing the thread as i pulled each stitch through. i like the imperfections though, gives it character, right? 

i used a 14" hoop and started by tracing the hoop onto the fabric. the fabric was just some leftover linen remnants from another project. i think it started as a rolled fat quarter or something from a bargain bin somewhere. i chose an off-center center and divided the circle by eighths, connected the lines with webbing and stitched away.

i didn't trim the excess from the hoop so that next year i can re-use the web in a different way if i choose to. i am thinking about making the web into a sofa pillow and making another smaller pillow with a spider to match it... i can't believe i'm already sketching ideas for next halloween. this one did get away from me so i'm hoping next year we'll be able to pull out all the stops, be in a new home (that hopefully gets real trick-or-treaters), and have a little miss who is much more interested in dressing up! 

a little 'vignette love' coming up later today...


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