Saturday, November 26, 2011

making christmas: ornament wreath diy

hello again...

i'm back with part 2 of today's 'making christmas' diy!

for wreath #2 i wanted to make an ornament holder for a set of disney princess ornaments that little miss got for christmas last year. they are pretty heavy so i feel confident that you can recreate this without fearing for the lives of the ornaments you decide to showcase.

wreath form
5/8" cup hooks (hardware)
ruler & pencil
glue (tacky or liquid nails)

let the glue dry overnight before crocheting the wreath or hanging any ornaments... preferably 24hrs but i totally could wait that long! then crochet the wreath as normal... simple statement wreath pattern by Good Knits! i used 1 skein of Lion Brand's Hometown USA in Monterey Lime.

when you get to each hook cover the hook base by crocheting around the hook. if you are following the pattern step 4 would be on the right side of the hook and step 5 is pulled through on the left side of the hook.

i started this wreath with an additional hook in the back to secure a ribbon for hanging but because of the weight of the princesses pulling it forward i decided to scrap that idea and just hang it directly on the hook on little miss's door.

if you have any questions let me know! please feel free to share wreaths that you've been working on or any crafting you've been doing this weekend to get your home ready for the holidays!

back tomorrow with this weeks review and plans for 'making christmas week 3'!



Granthamania said...

I really love this! I can think of so many ways to use this outside of Christmas, too! Hospital door hanger for a new baby with a name banner through the middle? Too bad I have no idea how to knit. Can't wait for more 'making Christmas.'

Meredith Taylor said...

hey kim! this is actually crochet and it's SO easy... i taught myself how to crochet from the lion brand website learning center videos. you should seriously check them out and give it a try. or we can get on skype and i'll teach you during a naptime, lol.

chickygummy said...

theyr lovely! :-)

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