Monday, April 30, 2007

I ♥ Costco !!

Is there anything better that a 2-Hour Sunday Shopping Trip to Costco ?? I love Costco so much! We got a ton of awesome stuff (I love buying in bulk) plus I picked up the 567 Heidi Swapp Embellie Kit!

My favorite part of going to Costco though is having a fun opportunity to goof-off with Joey! We have so much fun there together, laughing, and acting dumb. Kind of like our trips to Target and Walmart... It's so much fun doing "domestic" stuff with your best friend!

The rest of yesterday was spent designing with AMM's May Kit. This is such a yummy yummy kit, did I already say that? Well it is and I can't wait to post what I've done with it!

Oh ~ I almost forgot. Last night Joe accidentally dropped and broke one of my salad plates from college. Now, seriously these things were like the Target $15 "dinner set in a box" so they were by no means expensive or high quality. But when it broke I gathered up the pieces and kind of mourned the loss a bit. We got three awesome new sets for the wedding, but this set was my first that was all my own when I moved out. It was sort of one of the things that was all my own coming into my relationship and marriage. It made me think of my mom when my sister or I would accidentally break something, she didn't get mad but there would be this very subtle sad look she would get.

There's more to this, but I think I'm going to channel it into a LO or some other projects!

Well I couldn't throw this little dish out. It's worn and broken, but still beautiful and meaningful to me! So we'll see what it becomes!

* Smooches & Happy Monday !! *


Denise said...

We love Costco, are our daughter!!!!!

Musicmom-Amy said...

I'll have to scan Costco today and see if we have that awesome kit at ours. Miss you over at SJ but LOVE seeing you flourish at AMM. Keep sharing your success.

Sandy said...

I managed to get the MME papers from Costco but alas we are Sam's people as DH thinks their ribs and brsiket suit his BBQ needs the best!

Remember, I'm lucky to get out of town to anything beside Wally World!