Monday, April 30, 2007

No Green Thumb Here

Last year I bought this gorgeous orchid and in about two months I was 100% sure it was dead. I watered it like I was supposed to, had it in the right light, even simulated the correct humidity level but all of the sudden the leaves started getting these huge brown spots and the flower stalks became sticks! So, I put the pot outside with all of my other failed potted plants!

But then last week I went out to do some spring cleaning and just in the ONE weekend of rain that we got (Florida has been having a major drought lately!) my orchid started to bloom! I was giddy with happiness. I'm so watching this little orchid that could! I have four gorgeous flowers and it looks like two new stalks are trying to reach upwards!

I tried that weekend to re-plant my pots with just varied wildflowers. Annoyingly,
the squirrels like to hide things in my pots and end up digging up everything I plant. This little baby is the only one trying his hardest to grow up!

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Lisa said...

Meredith you've been tagged so go check out my blog and see!