Tuesday, May 15, 2007

★My Alternate Reality★

So today has been so weird. It started 100% productive. I woke up this morning, jogged, got Joe up, did a load of laundry and sat down to work. Got my day ready and headed our for a quick meeeting with the local printer in town for NAWP stuff. Then we went to eat at the mall and get a few things we needed .... that's where things got "weird". We get home and I sit at my desk to get some work done before starting the next Amazing Race Pit Stop (eek a mini album!) and somehow Joe & I got into some discussion and talked ourselves right into a nap that lasted until 7pm! What's up with that. I had crazy dreams the whole time and it was SO HOT upstairs ... so I woke up grumpy and mad at myself for wasting the whole day. So frustrating! I feel like I have been so on top of things lately and to just sleep like that was ridiculous!

Plus, I woke up at almost sunset, and normally twilight is my fav part of the day but today being grumpy and just out of a dream state everything seemed weird. I just had a very odd sensation about the house.

Oh well, I guess this just means I have a long night of American Idol and scrapping haead of me!

Oh, and I did find some NEW kicks that I want! Now I just have to be REALLY nice and go back to the mall when we can do some power shoppin!

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