Friday, May 18, 2007

♥ A Fresh Look ♥

So watcha think? I totally LOVE it! I have been wanting to get my hair cut short again for such a long time. To me, it's more ME! More urban, fun, and as my hubby just told me, more cuddle-able (is that a word??) Crystal likes her mommy's new look too!

I still seriously have that Hallett-nose though! I'll take some more pics this weekend when I have some time.

And new LO's & Projects will be posted by Monday too! Oh, getting a new "look" is so refreshing. I feel excited, creative, and I have a TON of engergy to get some work done!


Denise said...

The new cut is beautiful, Mere......very "you" Did you color it too?

2CoolMom said...

Love your new 'do, Mere! That pic of you is just beautiful! :-)

Lisa said...


Jill said...

Very cute haircut!