Monday, August 6, 2007

ADD Monday.

Yes I am having a ADD attack this fine Monday Morning. Or maybe it was all weekend...

Joe and I are home and settled again after our amazing trip up North. NYC was so incredible. I had forgotten just how alive I become in the city. So much action and inspiration!

I came home with a totally new outlook on my life and art. There are so many ideas running around in my head, so many things I want to do, but now I have to settle down and actually create!

There is a HUGE to do list I have running right now, a lot of scrapping I need to get done, and I want to totally re-vamp my blog ~ so hopefully today will be productive for me.

Michelle turned me onto this awesome blog called Print & Pattern which is totally inspiring and is a great way to check out new trends and goodies! Check it out!

These are my two favorite ladies right now ... I LOVE the style the new TLC LA Ink ads were done and I can't wait for the new show to start. And I finally got a bunch more Amy Winehouse music and am currently addicted to her!


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