Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Portrait. A Plan.

Hello Thursday.

I hadn't posted any pictures or portraits of my Joe for a really long time so I thought I'd share this hottie!

This is one of the portraits I took of him at PS1 while we were in NYC. The old school had a thousand awesome nooks and crannies to sneak into for awesome portraits. I didn't keep him from the party for too long though!

It's almost the weekend and I have so much to get done all over the house and some projects I want to get done as well. So - here is my weekend goal list (we'll see how much I do!)

Most of my work this weekend is going to be getting our yard sale ready. I want to firm up the date and be able to go get the permit Monday!

Have a great night!

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killerxkim said...

Hiya, I'm killerxkim and i got the link from AMM.

ooh! that portrait is really nice- i like the lighting on his face. sounds like you're busy and having fun!!