Monday, August 13, 2007


This weekend I began the task of cleaning out our garage. It isn't horribly cluttered, but with the SW FLorida humidity it basically means I have to clean everything that was in there if I want to be able to sell it in a yard sale!

Besides all of the fun inspiration of seeing some "old" things in a *new* way I was really excited to see all of the fun re-usable stuff we had down there! As I was rolling up yards and yards of kraft packing paper and plastic bubble wrap I got so excited thinking about using these to pack with and then using them in art projects when we unpacked.

From the beginning I have told Joey that I want to move in the most efficient, cost-effective, and GREEN way possible ... and beginning the task got me thinking about so many new ways to reuse and recycle! I love when life breeds inspiration!

I have some fun Rivercity Rubberwork Stamps that I'm working on right now and a TON of fun projects I came up with while working in the garage yesterday, including a "Moving Out" Journal which I hope to start tonight.

Happy GREEN Monday!

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Denise Hallett said...

See??? I told you we were a recycling family!!!!!