Monday, March 17, 2008

Some ZOE love, and a note about "my process"...

I was one of the lucky DTM's over at A Million Memories to get the Love, Elsie ZOE line as a product spotlight. I really love this line and searched out all of the embellishments, and actually bought the line again separately for myself so I still have a TON to play with!

Working with this line was very fun and therapeutic for me. I've been struggling lately with my design process and what makes my own ideal scrapbook page that I'm truly happy with. So much has been happening (mostly in my head, lol) the past few months so I've been a journaling nut... but when it comes to journaling on my pages I cringe. I'd rather leave my sentiment in a huge obnoxious title, or minute graphic hints... Right now I scrapbook for me but until about a month ago I didn't see anything that resembled me in the majority of my layouts.

That is until I decided to stop caring about when a good layout "should" be and remind myself AGAIN that I scrapbook for ME... ME ME ME ME! lol...

So, my journal remains my journal - full of all the little thoughts and tantrums that help me figure out who I really am as I journey through life - and my scrapbook is my visual representation, which pulls influence from my journal, but isn't bogged down with long journaling blocks or explanation more than what I want to give.

Whew.... way tmi, right? And now you just want the goods... lol!

*Enjoy the Journey*

My take on a two-pager, inspired by my journal:

life is so funny right now
like "ha, ha" not wrong
i'm torn in so many directions
that i can't seem to travel in just one
for too long

there are so many distractions
so many "what-ifs"...
"where's" "when's" "how's"
and "why's"
i find it's so hard to keep from getting caught up...

i forget to chill out and enjoy the ride.

*My Outlets*

Ahh... how I love my camera and my mac. Two best presents EVER! (love you Joey)

and last but not least....

*Meeting the Seesters*

I was SO excited to finally meet Linda & Karen IRL (authors of Visual Chronicles and Journal Revolution) at CHA Summer '08. They are so inspiring and their books have helped me break out and loosen up in so many way... get out there and CREATE!

Check out the Fauxlaroid journaling-flap... totally one of their ideas from Journal Revolution... get it!

Thank you so much to Love, Elsie & A Million Memories for sponsoring me with this awesome product! I hope everyone enjoys what I came up with as much as I do!



Amy said...

Fabulous pages as always Meredith! I love the idea of a Fauxlaroid... clever!

karen said...

Mutual stalkers is RIGHT!! We were so excited to meet you! What a wonderful page you created~Thanks!!! (And your process is brilliant :D)
~Karen Dinino

The Design Experiment said...

Love what you did with Elsie!!

Linda Woods said...

AAAHHH! Your pages are awesome! Meeting your was the thing I was looking forward to the most! I am so glad you had your famous glasses with you, too :)
I just wish you lived closer to me, like next door would be good.

Just Me Again said...

Awesome pages Meredith! I love your name, too, by the way! :D