Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i can see the finish line...

The past week has been so nuts. It's finally hit me just how much I have going on and how much I have to do, lol! It's finally happening, it's REALLY happening, we are moving and we are moving big. So I've been packing, cleaning, AND scrapping... yet I still feel crazy behind.

I'm excited for all of this change but at the same time I'm ready for everything to be settled into a new life. I have things to get done and I'm ready and feeling inspired to do them!

The April Kit from A Million Memories had just landed on my doorstep when I last blogged and I LOVED working with it. The colors were so fresh and I really loved the vintage feel. I want to start using vintage elements more in my scrapping because I think it freshens is up from the more bold colors I usually drift to on my own...

Here is the mini-book that came in this month's kit which is from Scenic Route and is so cool!

I am LOVING Tim Holtz's crackle paint lately. I bought a few at a store when I was visiting my mom during Christmas and couldn't believe how well "Worn Lipstick" went with this kit! I love how easy it is...

You can see all of my projects and the whole Design Team's work this month here...

You have to check out all the new upgrades over at A Million Memories... the store looks amazing and the user gallery is totally kicking! There are some really awesome scrappers over there!

Well, back to work! Happy Tuesday (and enjoy American Idol! I can't wait for tonight, lol!)



Wendy said...

OMGoshhhhhhhh I totally adore your book! AWESOME!


Kinsey said...

I'm pretty sure I commented on your mini over at AMM but it needs repeating...you rock! I'm going to link you on my blog if that's cool with you! Simian fans unite! I'm such a geek, lol.

BTW, thanks so much for the sweet comment. Gotta love the comments!