Friday, March 26, 2010

inspired by: easter!

joey and i are having my sister over for easter this year and i'm really excited. i'm planning a bunch of little projects to decorate the house and goodies to treat ourselves with. i haven't seen my sister since my first trimester so i'm really happy to have the chance to spend some time with her before the baby gets here...

i'm so inspired by spring and thought i'd share some beauties to kick off the weekend of fun projects and lovelies.

umm... hello turquoise frosting. yes please.

not that i can... but giving my sister and i a basket of cute fur babies would be
completely amazing.


this table is so gorgeous.


and i know this has nothing to do with easter (really) but they were too cute not to share...
i need to pick up a little booties knit pattern asap.

hope everyone has a great weekend. i have the whole weekend with my joey which means nesting, shopping, the park, and lots of cuddling.


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