Monday, March 15, 2010

still going.

here i go again. waiting a month and a half to post. the intention for 2010 was to get this blog back up and running and i swear it's still going to happen.

february was a tough month for me. not physically. the last month of my second trimester was actually quite easy phsyically. it seems as though every weekend we would tear apart the apartment and then i'd spend all week trying to figure out how to get it back together. the weather was awful... gave me the worst cabin/spring fever. and i just had no motivation to figure out how to remain creative while my world was a mess.

we finally have all of the furniture moved to where it's supposed to be and things are finally back in a working space. we still have some new furniture to order, a hallway to paint, and a few things to purge (still... it's easier for me than him.) but i at least feel like i can spend time on something other than cleaning & organizing.

now i can get back to all of those creative things on my list. baby and otherwise.

thank god for spring. it's coming. i know it is.

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