Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31 weeks.

hello friends...

been really busy all week... putting off creative things to make sure the house is 100% clean and ready for easter but all that's done and it's time to play again!

today i'm 31 weeks and i decided it was time for the belly to say hello. i had so much fun taking self pics this this time. i started off taking just the normal ones but then abby started kicking like crazy and i knew she was telling me that she wanted something a little creative this week...

so there it is... the bare belly pics i swore i would never ever take. haha.

yeah i'm actually pretty stoked about the instax photos too. they are for my pregnancy journal which i'm finally putting together next week and they are the first ones that have come out 100% perfectly how i wanted them to. how i love perfect!

plans for the rest of week 31...

finish a few layouts sitting out.
paint the nursery window & drawer.
color eggs & make easter cupcakes.
enjoy an amazing weekend with my sister.



Unknown said...

i can't wait to meet this baby.

The Melanson Crew said...

I cannot believe your belly! So beautiful! Pretty and promising is what you are!

Michelle QUinn said...

You have to take belly pics! LOL It's the best! You think this is big though? Just wait!!! You have 9 weeks to go and you are gonna be HUUUUUGE!!! LOL. Darling photos and you look great!!!

{eleise} said...

cute preggo pics! simply adorable!

Unknown said...

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