Tuesday, April 20, 2010

head down needles flying.

been working for the past few days diligently trying to bust out a blanket for abby. i'm really enjoying it and really love how it's turning out. i started friday when my lion brand order came in. i'm using the baby's first line and i'm telling you this yarn is so soft and amazing.

i did have to start the project over once, which is a huge improvement from the last project. the border is a seed stitch and i had a totally preggo mind brain fart moment that turned into a jumbled mess. i feel like the more i do the faster i get but this is the first really big knitted project i've done. my goal is to have it completed by friday. i think i can finish it sooner but i don't want to put too much pressure on myself.

so that's what i'm working on. i'm holding onto a few layouts i just finished because i'm toying with the idea of submitting to a dt call for a million memories. i designed for them a few years ago and michelle is an amazing owner and has one of the best clubs & communities out there. with the baby coming i know i'm going to be creating so many more layouts and thought it might be a good time to get back out there in the industry... we'll see what happens!

i had a doc appointment today. all is well with me and miss abigail rose. my suspicion that she is currently sitting in a transverse position was confirmed. we still have many weeks for her to turn somersaults in there but i just wanted to know what i was looking at when my belly flattened out in this weird shape every time she stretches. i'll get a picture tomorrow since i haven't for a couple of weeks. 34 weeks tomorrow... so excited!!

ok, time to get back to work. i still have a few hours in me before joe gets home and i can rest my fingers! have a great night!


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Cracker Scraps said...

I'm loving that pearl stitch and want you to recommend a yarn for a white soft blanket that you could knit for my grandbaby! Looks like I need to search that yarn site ouut!