Thursday, April 8, 2010

revisiting & today's list.

i can't believe it's been over five years since my cruising days in south america. it was a strange time for me... inspiring and exciting but also very lonely. i was pretty much on my own, with new friends but without my joseph and very limited communication with the outside world.

this week has been unusually warm... yesterday it hit 92 degrees... and i've been craving the beach. i started today wanting to find some beautiful photos of the beaches i haven't seen yet and would love to visit but as i looked i couldn't help thinking about south america and all of the places i've been...

i'm not sure when we'll get back but revisiting south america together is for sure on our to do list. there are so many places i want to revisit and share with my joey. it's also very important for us to take abby (and any other little monsters that come our way) all over the world to experience life, history, and culture everywhere. traveling as a family is so important to us.

today i'm hoping to:

finish up some layouts and get them posted by tonight.
order some new fabrics i've been coveting.
practice a little crocheting (i've been teaching myself).
head to the grocery store to satisfy a few new cravings.

not a huge list but i have a BIG list started for this weekend. it's a three day weekend with joe and i'm crazy excited! power nesting is the plan!


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Thinkie said...

pretty places! sigh, I love to travel! hope you get to do a lot of that as a family!