Tuesday, April 6, 2010

she's back!

i fixed her! all by myself! she works again and i'm back to work on my 101 sewing projects before abby arrives. i'm getting to work on the quilt that's sitting half done in my sewing chest first. and then i have burp cloths, crib sheets, and other fun projects to take up the next 8 weeks!

it's been a really great few days. easter was fantastic with my sister in town for the weekend. we hit up some of the flea markets that have reopened for the spring season and we had a lot of fun. joey made an amazing leg of lamb and we had a great dinner. it was sad that we couldn't make it home for the holiday but having my sister here was the best.

spring has definitely arrived in full force. the past few days have been so warm, and tomorrow is going to be 83... ahh heaven. the trees in the neighborhood have started to bloom. there's a gorgeous tulip tree on our dog walk that makes me smile every time me and the pups pass it.

today i had a doctor's appointment and all is well with me and little abigail rose. she's squirming around all day now and making it known that she's starting to feel super cramped in there... haha. i'm so excited to meet her. my due date is quickly approaching and joey and i talk every night about what she is going to look like and wonder about her personality. beautiful things happening in the taylor house and life is very good!

back to work!


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Danielle said...

how exciting! what a cute name! my little one's middle name is Rose too! (kati rose)