Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i know i promised to share our recent trip to california however i'm in a bit of a bind... it seems i left the charger to my point-and-shoot at my parents' house so i cannot take any non-mobile phone photos of my smash journal nor can i get any of the photos that i took before i lost battery juice off of the camera.

fantastic right?

a lot of my photos from california were in fact on my phone but the idea of a blog using only mobile uploads is not really making me happy at the moment. i'll get over it until i have other options of course...

so i'm going to attempt to get back on track here using what i have available.

that said i thought i'd share our short list of cameras for when we replace my canon (hopefully in the next month...)

Canon EOS Rebel T2i or T3i
Nikon D5100
Sony Alpha A580

these are the top 3 i want to check out on my next trip to b&h. i'm 95% sure we'll go with the Canon T2i or T3i, we need to figure out the real difference between the two... but i have friends who are devoted to Nikon and I've heard some good things about the Sony model so i thought it was worth a look.

if anyone has any of these or just an opinion on good mid-level dslr cameras i'd love to hear it!

oh and here's a fun question... if you could have a money-is-no-object dream camera which would it be? i think mine would be this...

Mamiya RZ33

it's only about $18,000 +tax for the package. no biggie. haha. i'm pretty sure i'm no where near the level of photography it would take to warrant this camera but she is pretty sexy as far as cameras go!

i hope all are having an amazing week! tomorrow i'll be sharing one of my favorite stops from our trip in a vignette love feature.  i also have some refashions, my smash journal, the reappearance of inspiration posts featuring my pinterest boards, and lots of new things coming up!

love love love.

(all images taken from B&H listings)

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