Thursday, September 22, 2011

vignette love: the palace of fine arts

before leaving san francisco we made a quick stop for a snack at one last scenic spot, the palace of fine arts. i was really hoping we would be able to squeeze this into the trip and was so happy that we did (well, so happy we missed a turn and were dumped right into it's gorgeous lap!)

i learned about this place from joe when we first met... he had shot a wedding there during drydock for the pride of aloha. the footage he shot and how he edited it together made the place look magical and i knew i wanted to see it in person. i was not at all disappointed.

we enjoyed a mango and some time relaxing in the sun...
then did a walk through the pergola and rotunda.


it was such a beautiful day and the perfect end to our trip.

*all photos taken in "retro" preset toy camera mode using vignette for android.

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