Friday, September 16, 2011

love these days.


i got so much done yesterday and really started feeling like i have a plan for the rest of the year.  i can't express just how good that feels! abby is still adjusting a bit to having her time zones all screwy but we had a really fun day together despite some strange nap times that keep popping up. she's been really into playing with her crayons since we came back... i know what activity to start packing on our plane trips in the future. we made our first drawing to give to daddy, he loved it!

we had some rain yesterday so we didn't get our park outings started up again like i had originally planned but we still had a good time. abby has started doing these little bursts of running while walking laps between her room and the living room. it's pretty cute to watch her rev up and then try to slow herself down.

joe was home early yesterday and so the rest of the evening was spent chatting and planning for the weekend. it's nice to have the whole weekend with joe... we definitely need it to recover from our trip. it will be nice to get some things done and just relax. 

 some weekend goals...

trip to storage
start a pet project 
finish journaling the vacation 
get working on some halloween projects
late night knitting & dreaming

with lots of time in between to play with my two favorites!

p.s. i hope everyone has a great weekend! anyone going to maker faire in nyc?

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