Wednesday, February 15, 2012

our valentine's day.


i hope everyone had a great valentine's day! ours was, interesting. joe stayed home from work with a weird flu-like bug that zapped all of his energy. poor guy slept the whole day and looked pretty miserable. little miss and i started our day off with a quick trip out for some baking supplies... the plan was to get our valentine's day brownie and cookie making on. lots of fun right?

well... on the way home this very awful smell started wafting up to the front seat and abby gave me a "um, we have a problem back here" yelp. unfortunately there was absolutely no where to stop so we got ourselves home as quick as possible. when we did i discovered a very big mess. and it didn't stop there. more messes including one in the bathtub that really made her mad... she did not enjoy having to wait while i cleaned up the tub and re-bathed her.

so needless to say with two sick patients sugary treats were going to have to be put on the back burner for a few days... instead we got a little dressed up for a few valentine's day presents. and yes, i held my breathe the entire time she had her harajuku tutu on. maybe having her wear it wasn't the best idea with the messes we were having (especially since she'd already gone through what i thought was going to be her valentine's day outfit) but seriously, she's so darn cute in it. it was worth the risk. and thankfully, no mess!

abby LOVED her presents. i'd been wanting to get her a little baby doll and stroller for awhile but she got so much at christmas that i decided to wait until valentine's day so she had a chance to get some wear out of the things she already had. keeping a toddler busy is all about rotation rotation rotation! 

and just as i thought the second she got to the stroller she was OFF! it's so sweet how gentle and concerned she is with the doll. she loves checking to make sure she's buckled in, unbuckling and re-buckling... she plays patty cake with the baby's hands and squeezes her 'piggies'... she points to her eyes, ears, and nose. ♥  

she likes her owl too which i'm very happy about. so far it's been placed on several different shelves and admired, taken on a few stroller trips around the apartment, and every once in awhile she brings it to me to hold or squeeze. she likes to 'shake' it's little wings too (very glad i double whipstitched those little wings on! i knew they'd be pulled a few million times!)

after some serious playtime with her new toys abby conked out for almost 3 hours and when she woke up, no more messes! i'm not sure what was going on down there but as she's been A'ok all day today i'm guessing she's over it. probably just something she ate? who knows. we still decided it was best not to play with fire and so our cookie treats will have to wait for a few days...

so that was our valentine's day! not so different from any other day, but it was a nice reminder of how full of love our little family is. having both of my loves at home for the whole day was sweet, no matter what. today joey is feeling much better and was able to go into work... and little miss seems 100% back to her crazy toddler self. so all is well again in our world!

now we have a short week leading into a 3 day weekend! that means lots of little miss + daddy time and lots of crafting time for me. coming up soon... weekend wip's, a 29 before 30 update, and some new spring goals.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great pictures :)

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