Friday, February 24, 2012

weekend wip: finishing up.

hi there!
happy friday!

i'm loving how quick this short week went. it's a little strange to say that because on the one hand i look at little miss and see how she's changing everyday, getting bigger and so much older, and i want time to stand still for a little longer... on the other hand we really look forward to weekends with daddy (he's pretty fun to hang out with ♥).

this weekend is going to be a mixed crafty/mundane housework weekend. unfortunately we have a trip to the laundromat planned. do. not. like. wasting. my. saturday. at. the. laundromat. sigh. but at least i can take my knitting bag with me and get a few rows on the never ending cardigan finished. i have a feeling i will HATE knitting and will not cast on another project until i can finish this cardigan. sigh. again.

i promise that i have more crafty things happening soon but i've been kind of addicted to my hooks lately. once i get a few more monsters and critters who are swimming around in my brain stitched up i'll be working on some st. patty + easter projects that will get me into my paper stash a little bit and back at my sewing machine.

but for now...

this weekend i need to finish up my wiggle monster. he is waiting patiently for his tentacles (the "wiggle" art of the wiggle monster). i stitched up some "long arm" tentacles for him but they looked too bulky and stiff so i want to just go with long "ruffle-like" tentacles.  i put him aside for a few days because he's not a huge priority and i have some gifts and other designs that are tugging my focus away.

besides little miss has kind of laid claim to him just as he is...

i love this look. like, "mom, i'm being sweet but you better not think about taking him back..."

my other project that is dangerously close to being a FO is a snoopy design for my mom. she loves snoopy and woodstock. i'm really happy with how he's been shaping up but there has definately been a little bit if trial and error.  

this snoopy is definately a desk chotchkie and not a baby toy... i am going for a very specific shape and i'm pretty sure that a day or two (or maybe 2 hours) with little miss and snoopy would be headless.

so those are the two projects closest to completion going into this weekend. i'm still hoping to get a project  going out of two skeins of grey wool-ease chunky that scream at me every time i walk past my yarnstash shelves. is it too late in the season to make myself a chunky cowl? 

wishing everyone a great weekend!


Stacey said...

So cute!

Denise Hallett said...

so excited for my Snoopy :)

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