Thursday, February 16, 2012

spring colors + friendly monsters.

hello friends.
just thought i'd pop in to share a little bit of color on an otherwise overcast day here in jersey!

the spring granny square blanket for little miss that i started this winter had become a bit of a crazy mess so i took some time this morning to organize it. i found a couple of the lace circle swatches that my grandma gave me awhile back with some of her old pattern pamphlets. one day i'll get to work on making some of my own... but i think these would make very pretty eyes on some critter.

i don't think i've mentioned them before but i LOVE ikea boxes for organizing my projects like this. they come in all sizes and fit perfectly into my shelves... plus they protect the squares and yarn from roxy hair, dust, and little fingers. i have a really bad habit of getting things started on a project and then losing interest (ok i'll say it, i bore easily) - so keeping my projects separated and organized like this really helps. when i want to switch things up i just pull down a project and get to work.

during naptime i finalized a few sketches for my Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster class on Craftsy. i'm really pleased with what i've come up with so far and these are the first 3 guys (well, and gal) that i'm going to attempt to stitch up. i got started on what i'm currently calling the "wiggle monster"... i'm making him in Lion Brand's Vanna Baby in Little Boy Blue. 

i have the opportunity to head to the lion brand studio on monday so i'm pretty serious about stitching my way through a lot of my stash this weekend. i have so much on hand right now but i'm not worried... i  have some great ideas brewing for most of it so it's just a matter of getting to work. i can't wait to see what critters and monsters emerge!


p.s. what are you working on? how do you keep projects organized that you might have put on the back burner for awhile? i'd love to hear about your crafting experiences and i'm always looking for new blogs to add to my bloglovin' feed so if you have stopped by and have an extra moment to say hello please leave a comment so i can say hello back! ♥


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