Friday, January 16, 2009

16a: home

hey there.
loving this poladroid thing that kc found via ginnybranch.

here are some more photos of the house.
living room, bedroom, long hallway, tiny bathroom...
so not a ton to show off. plus not everything is 100% how i'd like it to be.

i love my shelves. and we have just about all of our books out again.
we have a lot of built-in closets which i love.
but that's all of joe's room you get to see, it's his cave + my closet.

kitchen which i think i've posted before.

and then our diving room/studio is just off the kitchen. this is the opposite side with the swingy door to the kitchen.

that's it for now, back to work.

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Kristi said...


p.s. HAVE THAT MOTH CARDI! loooooove it. mine's a little small (i bought it during emp appreciation, so it was worth it) what size is yours???