Tuesday, January 27, 2009


though i'd share a layout that i've finally decided is finished, for now.
this is me. as a babe.
hard to put this one away as it's been sitting on my table for over a week now.
this has always been my favorite picture of me as a baby, which is why i was forced to snatch it from home (sorry mom). i have scrapped it probably 4 times, but when it came to the journaling i would get stuck. anything i wrote about this picture or about me or about whatever just never felt right. i want to be able to look at this photo in 10 years unswayed by what i was thinking about it in 1998 or 2001 or 2009.
so long story short, no journaling. no tittle. honor the photo, and i'm happy.

did i just say honor the photo? wow.

one more layout that i'm finally letting go of:

drew is moving into an amazing new space in dumbo and this is my housewarmin' gift to him.
me thinks we'll have an amazing time with this place.
i can't believe drew has been here almost 6 months, too much.
i guess we've almost been here a year.
time flies.

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