Sunday, January 11, 2009

tying up the loose ends

it snowed again this weekend. which was so nice because it was the perfect excuse to hole up after a few stressful holiday weeks and start fresh with 2009.

my project 52 assignment to myself was to tie up all the loose ends from 2008 . this is so important to me right now. i have so many new things i'd like to bring into my life this year and i want to make sure to have all the blocks taken care of right now.

so i got finished up with all the little bells and whistles i've been meaning to send out to people. this little guy is part of a group i'm sending out to my momma. there are some special vintage buttons on him (wood grain and little beak bead) were from my grandmother's sewing chest.

biggest block of 2008. my studio. as per usual. but it was something necessary to conquer and OUR back studio is about 5% away from complete. yes, our. joey and i are finally getting to team up more often and have some projects we are working on together. i can't explain how happy this is making me, and us. i love that we now have a space to plan and brainstorm and create together.

in celebration of a floor i hadn't really seen for months.

so as you can see i'm 365'ing it again. developing what i'm going to do with all the pictures this time not doing anything kinda sucks. that's next week's project.


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