Thursday, January 29, 2009

anthro top 5.

kinda late for a long post but here we are.
i can spend hours going through the
and it doesn't take long before my wishlist it overflowing with dresses,
blouses, jean, accessories, and home goodies.

but if i right now could only choose 5.
what would they be?

price will be a factor in this list. kinda.
i feel like some of my favorite pieces are actually pretty awesome price points.
so i feel a whole lot better when i come home from work with a little present for my closet.

so here we go...

1. side-by-side tunic: as you may have noticed i have this in the white/grey but it's just an amazing tunic that i might have to get in this grey/blue version. it's so comfy. and i see myself potentially getting too much wear out of it. and it's only $88. perfect.

2. button trio leggings: $54. not sure if we have these in the store yet but i love the extra button detail on these and can't wait to try a pair out. perfect with the tunic and a pair of flats! can't wait for it to warm up.

3. indian summer maillot: $198. i know, it's a bathing suit. but it was there, and it is perfect. i love this cut. i love the color stripes. would go amazing with the gladiators and a jersey dress. and a cocktail.

4. placated gladiators: $198. i'm kinda addicted to gladiator sandals. definitely not worth getting them yet but it's my top 5 and i obviously want to be on vacation.

5. there-you-were dress: $298. this dress is amazing. i'm thinking nicole's rehearsal dinner? maybe too much, but it's going to be july and i need an excuse to own this dress.

so there you have it.
maybe i should do a home top 5.
maybe tomorrow.


Becky Heisler said...

Hey Mere! Thanks for the visit to my blog! :) Loving the stuff you picked out here- can't imagine paying those prices though OUCH! LOL

Denise Hallett said...

I Love the tunic, too........