Friday, December 11, 2009

cozy and warm.

happy friday!

love making these. and they are so quick! i have just about all of them done for christmas presents. these are mine. can't show you the other colors i made or i'll ruin the surprise...

the pattern is on lion brand's website but literally it's just a knit stitch (a.k.a. garter stitch) 15 stictches per row for about 8.5/9 inches. you can go longer too if you want them higher up your arm. after binding off leave about a 9 inch tail of extra yarn... then use a large blunt needle to stitch them up leaving a hole for the thumb. i found it easiest to literally close them up around my hand to make sure the thumb hole was comfy... and luckily all of the girls i'm giving them too have about the same size hands as me so i know they'll fit. after they are closed hide the remaining tail in the knit (if you need to shorten it up you can, i just like to make sure i have enuogh tail to work with.)

turn them inside out and you have a comfy and cozy cuff!

my materials:

lion brand wool-ease thick & quick yarn
US 13 (9mm) knitting needles
large blunt yarn needle

now i just need to get on my christmas cards. i want them out by the 15th since i leave for indiana on the 16th. yay! only 5 days until i'm home with my favorites!