Thursday, December 10, 2009

one last late night etsy love.

thinking about all of the amazing vendors at last years brooklyn renegade craft fair reminded me of a little gifty i've been meaning to get for myself! for my birthday last month i bought a gorgeous 1962 royal safari typewriter. it's really quite amazing if i do say so myself... once i get my new shelves up in the stufio you'll see just how gorgeous it is. anyway.

last year i saw this company called final approach at renegade and i SO BADLY wanted to buy one of their unique luggage pieces but for some reason i just didn't. well everything happens for a reason and when my typewriter came the only thing that wasn't perfect was the case. just a little scratched and ucky but PERFECT for a custom piece!

after christmas i'll be buying an alchemy project from them and sending my case off to get beautified... check out some of their awesome work!

Link{final approach etsy shop}

now i just need to figure out my theme.

ok. bedtime.
sweet dreams.

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