Friday, December 4, 2009

fresh start.

time to get back into doing everything that i love and one of the things that i genuinely love is this blog. more than a broadcast out to the world... this blog is for me. it's my way to really look back and document everything i've accomplished, how things in my life have changed, what inspires me.

over the past year i feel i lost a lot of myself. with working and stressing about work non-stop i left no time or energy to focus into my outlets that truly make me really happy and fulfilled. and, then i lost sight of my goals.

but now i'm happy to say i'm feeling bits and pieces of my passion and creativity coming back to me and i'm so excited for what the future holds. i'm ready to create with absolutely no pressure. make what i want to make, do what i want to do, and in the process bring a new little life into this world to re-experience all of what living really has to offer. my big goals are starting to resurface in my head and more importantly i'm regaining the confidence to believe that i can really accomplish anything i set my mind to....

like writing a self help book.

ha! kidding, just started sounding a little preachy there and needed to break it up.

so. long story still long, i'm making shit again and it feels amazing. i have a million and one projects in my book and head for the coming year and i'm sure i'll at least get a few of them done. i've started off by FINALLY making a daily december book which is something i've been meaning to do for years. the holidays always seem to get away from me and i end up wanting to spend the time experiencing rather than documenting it, but then later i get frustrated with the lack of photos and momentos. it's not quite done but i wanted to share the first bits...

the pages are just about done. so i'll share day by day as i actually complete journaling, photos, whatever. it's mostly BG's Eskimo Kisses, with a few Hambly pieces, Love Elsie, and other things mixed in. of course i ran out of adhesive which is why there are some paperclips still holding a few things together but that will be fixed today since i went on a run last night.

ok so there are more pics i took today of some things but the natives are getting restless (the pups). time for a walk.


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