Friday, December 4, 2009

new craft.

yes i can happily say that i am a knitter now! this is a craft i've been wanting to learn for so long. my grandma was a crocheter and kind of tried to teach me a little when i was younger but it never really stuck. i've had dreams of making scarves, blankets, fingerless gloves.... and now those dreams are stitch by stich and purl by purl coming into reality. almost done with my first really simple garter scarf that i made as part of a class. the two tones of grey in there are for a little tougher scarf i'll be starting this weekend for joey. i'm hoping to hit up the craft store this weekend to pick up some more goodies and some circular needles to start my glove projects. one of my 27 before 28 (which i'll post another day) is to give 10 handmade gifts this year and this is the craft that is going to get me there.

oh and check out one of my favorite new additions to the house behind my knitting basket. it's a pillow from urban outfitters that has a german shepherd cross-stitched on the front. looks exactly like my bad roxy!

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ellen s. said...

i think that is so cool! i can't see what you create