Thursday, January 28, 2010

busy week.

so once again i put off my daily blog schedule this week.
but at least it's been a busy week so i have some things to share and new projects starting.

here's the recap.

monday i knitted my little fingers raw to finish joey's scarf. i had it about half done and wanted to make sure i got it finished for his birthday because we were supposed to be getting another temperature drop and some snow this weekend. i didn't finish until tuesday becasue i had to search and search for my container of yarn needles and stitch markers which had mysteriously stayed packed in our luggage after my trip home for the holidays.

here is the finished scarf. sorry for the crappy photos, took them super late tuesday and haven't seen the scarf in good daylight since. which i think means he likes it!

i didn't measure it, just used two skeins of lion brand wool-ease chunky in charcoal. it's 36 stitches per row and a ribbed 2k 2p pattern. crazy easy. i was really happy with how the ends were able to be stitched into the gutter of the first column. this is probably a no-brainer for veteran knitters but i wasn't super pleased how my fingerless gloves were stitching up and i wanted to make this scarf as perfect as possible so no little ends started pushing through.

tuesday was joey's birthday and we had a sonogram appointment to see our little girl again! we've decided on a name but haven't agreed how to announce it yet so the family is just going to have to sit tight for a little longer. anyway, she's absolutely gorgeous and doing so well. we are totally and completely in love with this little lady already.

yesterday i took the opportunity of one last nice day in the mid-40s to head into the city and spend all day shopping with my best girl. we went to greenwich letterpress, purl, anthro, and lions brand, and then finally got our boys together to meet and chit chat. it was a very good day. and i made out pretty well all things considered...

i picked up a few things i needed for the quilt & some new burp cloths for the babe (batting & terry cloth), found this gorgeous blue & sage willow printed fabric for a set of sheets for the nursery... also got this gorgeous yellow printed flannel for the nursery that i'll probably be using to make some warmer winter sheets for her too... some bundles of fat quarters for little projects and my next knitting project and the yarn for it too at lion brand studio.

since i have finally finished joe's scarf i'm now beginning on my baby knitting spree. my goal is to knit my way through itty bitty toys by susan b. anderson. the patterns start out really easy and i'm going to be finally mastering some techniques that i've really just played with up until now. hopefully our little girl will have this amazing basket full of handmade yarn toys to play and learn with when she's born. i have this dream that her first and most beloved dolly or rabbit plush be something i made her and that she can pass down to her little babies.

eek, that's thinking WAY too far ahead, haha.

today i'm going to:

finish my quilt top
send out some family emails
start a knitting project
stay warm!

have a great day!


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