Friday, January 22, 2010

weekend WIP & etsy shoutouts...

happy friday!

anyone else totally excited for a weekend? as of right now i get a whole day with my joey tomorrow. this is very exciting for a girl who has herself and two sleeping pups to talk to all day. plus, it's totally unexpected this weekend since he was originally supposed to work all weekend. sunday he goes in, but i have a crafting date so i'll be entertained ALL weekend.

crafting dates are exciting in themselves... they are perfect excuses to make cupcakes!

so this weekend i have a couple of projects i'm hoping to finish up, or at least get a big chunk completed on... besides layouts i'm starting on this baby...

i have a few holes to fill but i should be ready to start sewing by later this afternoon. with some of the matching leftover squares i'm planning on making a big floor pillow for the nursery that matches...

it's a little more pink than i thought i would be into but i love it and i'm pretty sure i'll be using this to back it so it will tone down the pink a bit...

with the baby quilt being my main project for the weekend i thought i should share some of the etsy shops i've been buying vintage fabrics from this past week. i can't wait until spring when more flea markets and thrift opportunities open up in the city. if it's not open air nyc thrift really doesn't mesh with my definition of thrift. you mid-westerners are way lucky to have such great places to visit!

so for the meantime i'm using etsy as my main source for vintage fabrics, and i've found a couple of really great sellers so far. i'd love to find more if anyone has any favorites!


from Lora i got the pre-cut vintage squares. i'm not against cutting my own in the future and for other projects but when i saw her bundles i couldn't resist. her bundle came really nicely packaged and she even threw in a little gift for the baby. she's really sweet and i can't wait to find more goodies in her shop!


got this cute mushroom & butterfly fabric from this shop. came really quick in great condition. it's not assigned to a project yet but it will be!


is this not the cutest fabric ever? i absolutely love it and can't wait to get it in. i'm missing this valentine's day with a little one but i'm thinking i'll save it and make her a jumper or dress with this for next year. it's so sweet. i also bought the blue & green fabric that i'm going to use for the backing from this shop. they should be here today! cedarbough has a ton of great vintage textiles... great crocheted throws (going to have to learn how to crochet next) and fabrics. if you aren't into making your own there are some great things made from vintage materials!


finally, zwizzle. had the purple and blue one been a little wider i totally would have waited for these to come from australia to back the quilt. oh well. this shop is full of great vintage fabrics. i probably could have grabbed all of her fat quarter bundles but i thought i'd restrain myself for now. the shipping is really reasonable since they are coming from australia and she was super quick to get them out!

so those are the shops i've been using to really get my vintage fabric collection going. check them out if you are interested! there are a few others that i love but haven't purchased from yet, but those we'll leave for another favorite post.

hope everyone has a great weekend!


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