Thursday, January 28, 2010


this year we have many many things to be grateful for in the taylor household... the upcoming arrival of our first little one, joey's amazing job and increasing opportunities, our amazingly supportive and loving family and friends... the list goes on and on.

i've been toying around with the urge to really embrace a year long project that will help me stay focused on the everyday, where we've been, where we are going, and all those things that are truly important. so i literally just decided to commit myself 100% to lori & karen's new project Weekly Gratitude.

not only are these two artists that i really admire but they are great mothers, friends, and have some of the most open creative spirits of anyone i've ever had the pleasure to meet and befriend in the crafting community.

check out the weekly gratitude blog. they are only a few weeks into the project and already have so many amazing tools offered. i plan to use a 4x6 format. i have a hand embroidered/embellished photo album from anthropologie that's been calling for a project and this is perfect for it.

i haven't started as i'm determined to finish this quilt top this evening (i've been procrastinating a bit and dawdling after each column on the blogosphere...) but i think i'll start tomorrow morning to catch up for january and then make friday mornings my gratitude time. perfect way to start each weekend!

be sure to check out the weekly gratitude blog as well as their group on facebook to stay updated with the project!

one of the first suggestions karen had was to put together a little list of some things you are grateful so that over the course of the year if you get stuck you can pull right from the list... so here is my little backup of some things i'm very grateful for in my life:

1. my mom
2. colorful yarn & needles
3. the ocean
4. joey
5. hawaii
6. my typewriter
7. music
8. car trips
9. disney
10. vintage fabric
11. the city
12. inspired friends
13. perfect timing
14. chocolate
15. spring


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