Friday, January 15, 2010

finally gettin' it 2010

hello 2010.
sorry it's taken me a few of your first weeks to get my act together.

the holidays were amazing and relaxing. it was fantastic to be with my family and just turn off my mind for a few weeks. all of the plans i made to do "things" over the holidays were thrown right out the window and i was just content to be. with family.

but now it's time to get a move on in 2010. we have a baby coming our way in just 20 more weeks! i'm halfway done with this remarkably enjoyable and EASY pregnancy and i'm feeling great and am super excited. we found out this week that we are having a girl and so i've been getting nursery decor plans together, and am finally letting myself oogle all of the crazy adorable things out there for little ones...

my project list is getting longer and longer but i'm not letting myself feel overwhelmed. everything i want to make myself for the baby seems pretty simple and if others can do it i can no problem.

2010. time to kill it.

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