Friday, February 12, 2010

good grief.

well this is my life this week. a displaced studio that i can basically do nothing about. it's been crazy frustrating to see all of my things in a corner of the nursery waiting to be moved into it's permanent home before i can really get to anything or get some good work done. ugh.

since pretty much all of my projects have been on hold i've basically been cleaning, going through different closets and bins to purge for giveaways, and biding my time until the long weekend with joey. it's been a super annoying week in that respect. on top of that my hip pain has kicked into high gear making nights not so fun.

the bright side of this week:

the snow was pretty great. it wasn't too cold but man the flakes fell and the dogs and i had a lot of fun on our walks playing and digging in the snow (well they were doing the digging). i wish i had an extra hand on walks to take some photos or video because roxy is hilarious running around in circles, burying her nose in it, and trying to annoy crystal. i kinda wish it would snow this weekend so we could all go to the park and play in it. ahh well, we have a ton to do this weekend already.

another good thing this week. i baked a cake a a few cupcakes from the leftover batter. it's devil's food with whipped chocolate frosting. yummy! now i just have to ration it out to myself so i don't eat the whole thing!

so here's to the bright side of life, love, and a full weekend! i hope everyone gets time with their lovers this valentine's day. it's our last as a single couple so it's going to be special!


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