Sunday, November 28, 2010

back home. time flying.

i can't believe how fast november has flown by... we just returned home from a week in florida to show our lovely girl off to her tampa taylor family. it was a great trip and abby did so well on her car rides and being in so many strange places every day. it was amazing to see the huge bright giggly smile abby gave each new relative as she met them. she totally knew this was her big family and she was so pleased to be welcomed into it!

the best was getting to spend some thrift time with abby's new favorite cousin helen.

we went out for cuban sandwiches first - there is no cuban like a tampa cuban. they are amazing and we always get our fill when we are there... we went to The Cuban Sandwich Shop (aptly named) on Florida Ave.

crazy good. and although abby has yet to enjoy the simple magic that is a tampa cuban she had fun and enjoyed the company...

after lunch we went to several thrift stores but the best was definitely Sherry's Yesterdaze...

i could have spent hours in there but it was our first stop and we wanted to make sure to hit a few other places. sherry has an amazing housewares selection but i could not get over the amount of clothing... i look forward to going back next trip!

all in all it was a great trip and we can't wait to go back... we already miss all of the aunt's, uncles, and cousins that we live just too far away from for our liking. we're hoping to see them up in new york soon!

it was a shock to return to the cold north but i'm so excited for the start of the holiday season. we haven't decided when we are going to pick up our tree but i'm going to talk sweetly to joey and see if we can't get it next weekend after painting the living room (finally).

this week:

announcing some new blog features!
starting handmade christmas gifts #1 & #2
finalizing our christmas card design


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what an adorable baby!!!!