Friday, November 5, 2010

record love.

this week we picked up a record player.
so happy that i can finally play the records that were given to us by my parents. we are about to inherit a large collection from joe's dad - so many amazing albums between the two families... i'm hoping we can fit in a trip to the record store in this weekend after church.

tonight i'm getting the place ready to start decorating and do some serious crafting over the weekend. joe's home so he's going to be giving me a little break from 24/7 baby duty. the house is already looking great this evening and i'm starting to get that holiday feeling.

jethro tull record playing and snow on cedar candle burning.

almost time to wake the child and give her a bath.

have a happy weekend!

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Heather said...

I am going to go get this exact record player today for my present to my husband (and his to me ;) ) for Christmas.

Not having a turntable and vinyl in my life was fine at one point, but over the last 5-7 years I've felt a void and I'm finally doing something about it.

Love your picture by the way. Is that shot on iPhone Hipstamatic or did you achieve that look in Photoshop?