Sunday, November 7, 2010

plus one.

it's been a really great weekend with my little family of three. saturday we went shopping for some new fall/winter jeans, a jumper/activity center for abby, and a few other odds and ends. then we spent the evening listening to records and cuddling in our warm home.

today adding an hour in the morning helped me finally get us all dressed, fed, & out for church early! we were even able to stop for hot chocolate and coffee beforehand. abby wore her skinny jeans + flats. so cute.

after church we did our grocery shopping and dropped some things off at the salvation army & another church's book sale. it was so nice to get those random boxes out of my space. purging always feels great.

the rest of the day has been spent helping joe clean up his pile of randomness, discovering that we need to buy a new computer (and consolidate our two into one family machine), brainstorming crazy ideas for the future, and putting together the week's goals.

one of my big goals this week is to gather up and take care of the majority of my winter mending. i started today with this sweater that i got back in high school.

i love the sweater... it's long, warm, and so comfy. it has definitely seen better days. some of the cables are getting loose and a few of the buttons are missing.

there was this snagged stitch that i decided to tackle right away before it got any worse...

to fix it i pulled the stitch back into the wrong side with a crochet hook, snipped the thread so it could be tied, and then secured it tight...

it worked nicely. tomorrow i plan on going over the whole sweater to check and tighten all of the cables and then find new old buttons. i'm not really a fan of the current ones even though i have them all. i'm hoping i might find some nice ones in the vintage stash i inherited in my grandma's sewing chest.

this week:
joe + my mending for the season
send out a special delivery
go fabric shopping
finish + mail abby's thanksgiving cards
plan our christmas photo styling

i hope everyone enjoyed their weekend & extra hour!


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